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Coronavirus Information, please read first
Información sobre el coronavirus: favor lea primero

WE ARE NOT Accepting 


We are not a testing site for Coronavirus


Due to risk of Coronavirus exposure and spread, if you are a patient of Loudoun Free Clinic and have:

  • A cold, cough, fever, or flu symptoms

  • Or, have been in close contact with someone who recently has exhibited those symptoms,


Please do not come into the clinic without speaking to one of our healthcare professionals. 

If you are advised to come in, we ask that you


Call one of the numbers below and we will triage you

by phone & advise.

NO estamos ACEPTAndo 


No somos un centro de diagnóstico para el Coronavirus


Por el riesgo asociado con el Coronavirus, si usted es un paciente de la Clínica Gratuita de Loudoun y tiene:

  • Toz, fiebre, o síntomas del flu

  • O, ha estado en contacto con alguien que ha tenido esos síntomas,

Por favor no venga a la clínica sin primero hablar con uno de nuestros profesionales de la salud.


Si le aconsejan que venga, le pedimos que

NO TRAIGA NIÑOS a la visita. 

​Para más información, por favor llame a los

siguientes números.


Our Spanish Speaking Staff

(703) 779-5416

(703) 779-5478 

(703) 779-5413

(703) 779-5414

(703) 779-5424

(703) 779-5430

Our Mission is to support healthcare services for Loudoun County residents who, as a result of economic or other barriers, would otherwise do without.

We are a member-only clinic, so patients must be financially eligible and pre-register for our services.






The Loudoun Free Clinic is honored by the many people who believe in our mission and work day in and day out to care for hundreds of patients. 


From doctors, nurses, pharmacists to interpreters, administrative professionals, and IT experts, the Free Clinic volunteers are vast and varied in skill, but united in their mission to care for those who need it most. 


We are humbled by their service and thankful that they are a part of our family.  To all of our volunteers, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Still curious?

We will conduct a background check. Furthermore, we retain the right to turn down any prospective volunteers

who do not appear a good fit with our philosophies. 


You cannot become a volunteer if you or a loved one is or has been a patient of the Free Clinic.

You can volunteer as a healthcare provider, or as clinical, administrative, interpreter support

Feed our Crew of Volunteers

 Most volunteers come straight from work, or go straight to work right after tending to our patients. If you'd be willing to provide food for the crew, please contact our volunteer coordinator.

We can also always use snacks and drinks for our volunteers, many whom spend several hours each day at the clinic and need to keep their energy high!

To make a dinner donation, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Maria Krishnamoorthy at (703) 779-5430.

Food To Go

Our Current Volunteer Needs


  • Bilingual (can speak Spanish and English)

  • Available on Wednesday and/or Thursday from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Medical Specialists

  • All specialists are encouraged to apply

  • Cardiologists and dermatologists are especially needed

Provider Neighborhood Network:

Two Ways to Volunteer

From Your Office

  • Patients come to you

  • Ability to help as many or as few patients as you would like

  • Challenging cases leave you with a sense of accomplishment

  • Clinic posts online stories highlighting your charitable work and can provide success stories

  • We will sign up the patients you see to your charitable care programs

  • Opportunity to help the neediest of your community that have been refused care elsewhere

  • Clinic handles labs, imaging and prescriptions

From the Clinic

  • Ability to volunteer on a schedule that conveniently fits your life

  • Ability to practice clinical medicine without concern for practice management, medical coding/billing, or coordination of care

  • All case management is handled by the clinic

  • Opportunity to work with those who share your vision of charitable medical care

  • Clinic posts online stories highlighting your charitable work and can provide success stories

  • Clinic handles labs, imaging, and prescriptions



& be part of the solution

Who are the patients of the LFC?

Our patients are hard-working, tax-paying Loudoun County residents.

95% of LFC patients are actively employed but get paid minimum wage (or less).

Many hold several jobs so they can pay for basic necessities.


Most suffer from at several chronic  illnesses and are on multiple medications.

They're our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends, our community's most fragile and underserved​​.

Our patients are not offered insurance, don't qualify for Medicaid, & can't afford Obamacare

They are in that bracket of the population that make too much to qualify for Medicaid, but cannot afford a plan under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).


Our patients struggle to put food on the table, so often their health is put on the sideline. 

They are adults who are choosing to put their family first and their health second. People in this situation often end up in the Emergency Room as they've waited until the last possible moment to seek treatment. 

The LFC is a preventative healthcare home

At the LFC, we we empower at-risk individuals to take charge of their health. 

But we can't do this alone.


You can be a part of our mission.

An important note about
in-Kind donations

While we appreciate in-kind donations, our capacity to store medications and medical supplies is very limited at this time. We can only accept specific items needed by our patients such as unopened/unexpired diabetic medication and syringes. Please contact:


Colleen Breuning, Director of Business Operations 

(703) 779-5418.

All other medical supplies and equipment can be donated to:

Medical Missionaries, Inc.
9590 Surveyor Court
Manassas, VA  20110


Email Address: