• Colleen Breuning

A Foundation With a Huge Heart

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Last week, Loudoun Free Clinic was happy to welcome Meagan Lockhart, co-founder of Our Perfect Warrior Foundation. She toured the clinic with some of her hard-working volunteers to see just how our Clinic impacts Loudoun County uninsured residents. The foundation was formed by two girls, one of whose mother died of breast cancer. They primarily support local families who are together battling cancer. Assistance with day-to-day household needs is provided. This includes housekeeping, yard work, providing meals, paying bills and assisting with transportation costs. The goal is to reduce the incredible stress that families endure while helping their loved ones, as they are then able to train their focus on beating cancer.

Another source of comfort they provide to these families are care packages. They kindly donated several boxes of these comfort care packages to distribute to Loudoun Free Clinic patients who might be in distress or enduring hard times due to the illnesses they face. Some of the contents of these packages include socks, chapstick, word puzzles, and personal hygiene items. In addition, in each package there is a hand-written note of encouragement from local middle school students! Our patients are very grateful for this donation!

Thank you for your generosity in donating these comfort care kits to our patients! If you know a Loudoun County family in need, or would like to volunteer or donate to their organization, visit their website at :


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