• Mary Elizabeth Sheehan, RN, BSN, MBA

Give Choose Early Giving is ON!

To Friends and Supporters of Loudoun Free Clinic:

Who We Are: Since 1998 the Loudoun Free Clinic has cared for thousands of people struggling with emergency, acute and chronic medical conditions. We coordinate all of their visits, medications, tests, surgeries, and ensure that all treatments are provided at no cost to our patients.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, funded entirely by grants and donations, and supported by a loving and dedicated group of volunteers who staff our daytime and evening clinics to meet this critical need in our community.

Our Mission is to support healthcare services for Loudoun County residents who, as a result of economic or other barriers, would otherwise do without.

Our Patients are our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends, our community's most fragile and underserved​​. They are hard-working, tax-paying Loudoun County residents, 95% of whom are actively employed but get paid minimum wage (or less). Many hold several jobs so they can pay for basic necessities, and many suffer from at several chronic illnesses and are on multiple medications.

Our Challenge: We currently have 1,045 unique patients enrolled and are projected to have 5,000 patient visits in FY 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted significant need for those who need our care. We have increased our enrollment by almost 40% since the onset of the pandemic. We need to continually seek financial support from our neighbors and businesses to be here for the Loudoun County residents in need.

We invite you to join Loudoun Free Clinic for Give Choose on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. You can make your donation at the link below:


The Early Giving portal is open now, so take advantage and stop by and make your donation while it's on your mind. Thank you in advance for your ongoing support of our healthcare mission in Loudoun County.

With Gratitude,

Mary Elizabeth Sheehan, RN, BSN, MBA

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