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JB Sandefur Receives Two Volunteer Awards in Loudoun County 2020 Outstanding Volunteer Awards

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Loudoun Free Clinic is proud to announce that long-time volunteer JB Sandefur has won two awards in the Loudoun County 2020 Outstanding Volunteer Awards program sponsored by Loudoun Cares. He has been selected for the Judy Hines Service of a Lifetime Award and the Outstanding Senior Volunteer Award.

JB has been an administrative volunteer of the Loudoun Free Clinic for over 14 years. He has volunteered every morning of the week, Monday through Thursday, up until the COVID-19 pandemic. Often times, he dropped by in the afternoon to see if we needed his help for anything. He was in charge of keeping the medical charts for the more 800 Loudoun Free Clinic patients. JB goes the extra mile to ensure the medical providers have the charts ready before each appointment, by pulling them and keeping them in order. In 2019 alone, logged over 1,000 hours of service. Because of our limited non-profit funding, this saved us over $20,000 in staffing costs that we would have incurred in the process of hiring a file clerk.

JB's organizational skills are second to none, and he takes great pride in making sure that the flow of the Clinic goes smoothly every single day. He is also our resident "handy man," who does not hesitate to hang pictures, move furniture or tackle any project to improve the efficiency or aesthetics of Loudoun Free Clinic. He has assisted with the"Food As Medicine" collaborative project with Loudoun Hunger Relief. He has personally unloaded thousands of bags of fresh produce over the past two years, and kept it in order in our volunteer area, assisting with the distribution to about 70 patients per week. This has contributed to improving our patients' health indirectly, as many suffer from diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Ensuring they receive their produce improves their nutrition, which corresponds with better cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels at their appointments.

JB’ s work has greatly impacted the medical services that Loudoun Free Clinic provides to the community. Our patients are often 300% below the federal poverty level, and have no medical insurance or means to pay for medical appointments. With his administrative work, he helped the providers complete 5080 appointments during 2019.

Recently JB made the transition to an assisted living facility nearby. This provided some challenges to him personally, but it did not impede him from his devotion to his volunteer job, as he continued to volunteer 20 hours each week and perform handy work around the office. He is so motivated and determined to not let something like the aging process interfere with something he so clearly loves doing.

Loudoun Free Clinic has truly benefited from the volunteer work and advocacy demonstrated by JB Sandefur. He has gone above and beyond as a volunteer. He has done everything from assisting in relocating the Clinic to a new facility, delivering produce bags, volunteering at events, serving as our informal in-house security guard, hanging pictures, procuring furniture and cleaning up around the Clinic. He does it all with a positive, can-do attitude. Even when he is not feeling well, he simply cannot bear the thought of someone else having to file the charts or fix a broken file cabinet.

In addition to JB's military service and lifelong career, he has dedicated himself to the service of others in the community. The value of his contribution to Loudoun Free Clinic is immeasurable – there is and never will be a volunteer quite like him. For these reasons, he truly deserves the Judy Hines Service of a Lifetime Award and the Outstanding Senior Volunteer Award. Congratulations, JB!

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